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Vitamin Injections - Shot Clinics

The following injections are available at the Healthy Injections Programs held at SW Herb Store in Mesa, Garden Lakes Chiropractic in Phoenix. All injections will be administered by Dr. Rodriguez and not an assistant at these locations.

Vitamin B12 - Methylcobalamine or Hydroxycobalamine

B12 is one of the most important nutrients in the production of cellular energy which affects your overall mental and physical energy.  Helps with fatigue, weight loss, anxiety and depression, muscle weakness, tension headaches, memory loss, dementia, osteoporosis, anemia, moodiness and heart problems.  

Cyanocobalamine form of B12 is the one used by most medical doctors and has to be converted to a bioactive form by the body before it can be used.  This form is NOT offered by Dr. Rodriguez

  • ​    Methylcobalamine or hydroxycobalamine:  This form of B12 is considered more bioavailable and is easily utilized by the body.


     B1, B2, B3, B5, B6:  Necessary for carbohydrate metabolism and muscle coordination. Acts as a cofactor for many enzymatic processes in the body that converts food into energy.  Required for protein metabolism and absorption and the production of blood cells.

Super B Cocktail

    B12 with additional B6 and B-Complex:  All the benefits of B12 and B-complex with additional B6 this combination assists in the production of genetic material and supports general metabolism throughout the body.

Slim Shot

     Also known as the MIC shot contains methionine, choline, inositol and additional B12.  This is designed to work synergistically with the liver to increase energy and support liver function to assist in phase two of liver detoxification and elimination of fat and toxins from the body.


     A homeopathic preparation that has been shown in scientific studies to significantly reduce the duration and severity of symptoms in an acute viral infection and help protect from subsequent infections.


     A homeopathic preparation to reduce the severity of the spasms of smooth musculature to relieve painful spasms and cramps of striated muscles.  Especially helpful for dysmenorrhea.