Healing people and communities naturally. 


Acupuncture is an ancient practice using thin wires inserted in particular points in the body to move energy to a more balanced state.  Very relaxing, this virtually painless therapy is good for conditions ranging from chronic pain to mental/emotional disorders such as depression/anxiety and recovery from chronic illnesses or injuries.

Custom Herbal Preparations

For many conditions a tailored specific herbal therapies is the most effective low cost method to work towards your health goals.  A consultation is required at a low cost to better serve your needs. Herbs come in the form of tinctures, teas, salves and therapeutic oils including essential oils and topical pain treatments. 

Vitamin Injections and IV Therapies

A more efficient way of getting your supplements skipping the digestive system and going directly into the body, important nutrients such as B12, B complex, Super B Cocktail, Slim Shot or homeopathic preparations are an easy and inexpensive way to get your nutrients in.  For those requiring more nutrition, IV therapeutics might be in order after a full consultation and laboratory testing.  

Pain management injections

For some people prefer a gentle and effective approach to pain management rather than resorting surgery or steroid injections. Acupuncture, prolotherapy or trigger point injections using homeopathic substances is a non-steroidal, non-addicting way to manage your pain without going overboard on the pharmaceuticals. Supplementation and herbal medicine may also assist to bring down aches and pains including some long standing pathologies like sciatica, low back pain, arthritis and joint pain. 

Energetic/Vibrational Medicine

This form of medicine is in addition to other forms of therapy or treatment and is geared towards the mental/emotional aspects of a disease process.  Sometimes this is the missing element in a patient's progress towards health.  Some common forms of this medicine include flower essences, aromatherapy, prayer and other lifestyle suggestions towards a healthier way of being. 

Hormone Balancing

At any stage in life, our hormones can be out of balance.  Both men and women may have hormonal imbalances as we age, younger people can go out of balance as they mature. Occasionally it is the thyroid or the sex hormones that is causing a problem.  Using a simple bi-phasic therapy that is completely natural may balance many problems without pharmaceuticals or hormone-based therapies.  However, if bioidentical hormone therapy is in order, it is custom ordered and compounded at a local pharmacy. 

Weight loss programs

Teaming up with the personal trainers, anyone can lose weight with professional nutritional consultation and other required therapies to achieve their healthiest weight.  Focus is not on size but on functional movement and optimal health.  One size does not fit all!

Specialty Laboratory Testing

In addition to lab testing by Sonora Quest, other specialty labs are available such as food allergy/sensitivity panels, salivary hormone panels, heavy metal testing, hair analysis if indicated for the diagnosis of disease.  A consultation will be required to order the appropriate tests without overspending.